Mocap data visualised

Full-body running analysis

Visit us and analyse your running style. With our motion capture-backed full-body analysis, you will get profound insights on your running technique.

We offer a unique running assessment service where runners of any skill level can come and get their running style analysed.

Our expert will evaluate your results and give advice on how to improve your running technique. Your results will be given to you in an extensive running report which will be accessible online via your account.

Our tests requires that you are 15 years old or older.

Sounds interesting?

Runner's 3D skeleton
Example of a complete running assessment report

Included in the assessment

  • A full-body assessment of your running style, using motion capture cameras.
  • A comparison of your running biomechanics to our extensive database of uninjured elite runners.
  • A scientific and extensive web based report of the results of your running assessment.
3D Mocap

Advanced motion capture technology

Our facility is equipped with advanced motion capture technology that measures movements in 3D space - the same technology that is used by film studios to animate 3D characters. The technology is also used by elite athletes, running shoe manufacturers, physiotherapists and researchers of biomechanics.

Our camera system uses optical motion capture and passive markers, which offers greater accuracy than traditional video analysis systems.

Runner on a treadmill

How it works - the practical bits

A test session takes around one hour from start to finish:

  1. When you have booked a session and arrive to the facility you will meet one of our experts and a technical assistant.

    You will change into your training outfit and have a total of 35 reflective markers attached to your body.

  2. You will then be asked to run on a treadmill for a few minutes, at different speeds. The speeds are selected based on your performance level.

    You will run for 5-10 minutes while your running motion will be recorded by the motion capture system.

  3. When you have finished running, the motion data will be analysed by a special piece of software that will generate a biomechanical model and out of that produce a report full of charts and other data.

    When our expert has looked at the report, he will make a final assessment and the report will be uploaded to a password protected web page.

What to wear

  • Tight running clothes, i.e. bicycle pants and sweater (loose clothes will cause inferior analysis).

  • Running shoes (preferably clean and without reflectors).

  • Female runners are recommended to wear a sports bra.